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Five things to consider before buying a new motorbike

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In the market for a new motorbike? Here are five things you should consider before picking out your ideal ride:

1.    A bike is a bike is a bike? Not so! There are a number of different bike types on the market. Decide what kind of bike you need by asking yourself what kind of lifestyle you have. Are you an off-road adventurer, a city street commuter, or does a love for four wheels mean you are more of a quad rider? There’s a wide range of options out there but ultimately you should pick a type and model that suits your needs.  

2.    Are you comfortable? You should be. Bikes are like cars - you will be more comfortable in certain models, on certain seats, and in certain positions. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to bike ergonomics - the science of how your body or agrees with your bike. The best way to establish your level of comfort is to take a test ride before you buy. Do your knees hurt? Is your back sore? Can you comfortably reach the handlebars? Try to imagine a long haul on the bike of your choice. Long-term happiness with your bike could well depend on a comfortable ride.

3.    Seat height - more important than you think. Seat height is the measurement from the lowest point of a bike’s saddle to the ground, with the bike positioned upright. If the seat on your bike is too high, you will know all about it when you try to stop at a red light and can’t put your feet squarely on the ground. Standing on tippy toes is not only uncomfortable, it increases your chances of toppling over. Swing your leg over any bike you might be interested in, especially if you’re on the short side. Getting your ideal seat height is a mixture of science and practice - ask an experienced rider or salesperson to help you if you are unsure.

4.    Travelling light? It depends. Bikes are often associated with freedom from being weighed down. So, travelling on a bike means travelling light, right? Not always. If you use your bike for work or want to take it on a long road trip, you need to consider your luggage options. What are the carrying capabilities of your chosen model? What saddle bags or accessories would best work if you needed to carry a bit more than normal?

5.    What does it cost to fill up? Bikes have a reputation for being light on fuel. However, if you use your bike on a regular basis, you could find yourself filling up more often than expected. And, with the rising cost of fuel in SA, a bigger bike could end up costing you more than you anticipated. Choosing the right model and taking into account your riding needs could mean increased fuel economy in the long run.

Need a hand finding the perfect model for you? Our experienced staff are here to help! Visit one of our showrooms and let us get you on the road with the perfect ride.


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