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Your bike needs a regular service. Don’t skip it!

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Whether you ride your bike every day or just occasionally, you should always service it at regular intervals, in line with the manufacturer's instructions. This will prevent wear and tear, ensure timely repair where necessary, and keep your bike running smoothly and aging gracefully.

Your bike needs a regular service. Don’t skip it!

A routine maintenance service involves inspecting components for damage, changing fluids, and making the occasional adjustment. As time and mileage accumulate, these services might become more involved and require more time, skill and special tools.


Delaying services or failing to have your bike serviced at all could result in the loss of your warranty or your bike falling into a state of disrepair. In time, you will find yourself with either expensive, and previously unnecessary, repair costs or a bike that doesn’t run. And is tough to sell. All of this can be avoided if you simply take your bike for its service.


How often should you service your bike?

Just like a car, the quickest way to find out how often you should service your bike is by referring to the owner’s manual. This will give you the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Most manufacturers suggest you get your first service completed at 1 000 kms or within 3 months of purchasing your bike, followed by a service at 6 000kms or 6 months from your first service.  If you’ve put your bike through some pretty harsh conditions, you might want to consider earlier or more frequent services to ensure a smooth ride.


Let us handle it for you!

For a hassle-free service, visit us in Pinetown or Umhlanga, or we can collect and deliver your bike (T&Cs apply). Our A-grade workshop handles all makes and technical issues, as well as tyre changes. Enjoy efficient service from our experienced technical team and make sure your bike is in tip top riding shape!


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